Joe's Walk For Change

On April 20. 2013 Joe Bell set out on his epic journey to walk across America to raise awareness and  financial support for the cause of Bullying Prevention.  Our cause is near to Joe's heart as his teenage son Jadin, succumb to suicide in February of 2013 after being bullied in person and online for being openly gay.  In a compound tragedy, Joe's walk came to a premature end just outside of Kit Carson, Colorado on Wednesday October 9. 2013 (approximately 5:10 PM local time) when he was struck and killed by a semi truck (see In Other News tab for the detailed story).

Joe's mission of love and healing quickly grew to become larger than the man himself.  We consider it a privilege to have worked with other organizations and Joe himself to support his efforts.  We are presently working on collaborative efforts to continue Joe's (and Jadin's) grassroots legacy with local participants.  It is difficult to improve on the observations of Sheriff Tom Nester of Lincoln County Colorado who said,

"Joe may not have reached his destination, but he accomplished his mission..."